Sherab Lhamo

In an attempt to promote the adoption of technology and enhance security measures at the Changlimithang Stadium, the government has mandated the public to register through the Bhutan App for all those planning to attend the National Day celebrations.

Jigme Tenzing, GovTech’s acting secretary, said, “We want to essentially educate and encourage the public to try and use technology.”

He highlighted the significant advantages of using it, including helping the government provide an opportunity to improve efficiency in managing public safety, registration management, access to government services, and others, supporting the provision of easier and affordable services.

A help booth is also set up at Ka Ja Throm at the DSP food stall area for people without smartphones. The booth is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Since November 23, around 70 to 80 people have shown up at the help booth. People who showed up were mostly uneducated and did not know how to register in the app.

On average, 20 to 30 people have called the call centre to inquire about the process of how to register. The oldest person who came to register in Kaja Throm was a 96-year-old woman.

The Bhutan App is available on the App Store for Apple and Play Store for Android.

Family members can also register anyone in their family who does not have a smartphone to enter the celebration ground.

To provide technical assistance, a call centre has been established for anyone who needs help registering the app.

The centre will be open from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm through the toll-free number 1411.

For those people interested in witnessing the National Day in person at Changlimithang venue but do not have smartphones or are without a citizen ID card or a Bhutanese citizen ID, a printout QR code will be issued through the help booth set up at Ka Ja Throm at the DSP food stall area.

The app is also the platform for the National Day Lucky Draw. There will be a lucky draw open to all Bhutanese, as well as one just for those attending the celebrations in Changlimithang.

There is a concert held at the stadium as part of the official celebrations which starts at 6pm, and people entering the stadium for that will also need to pre-register and scan.

The app is also being used to coordinate celebrations being held abroad. Coordinators of celebrations abroad are submitting their event details which are showcased on the app. Bhutanese who are near the venue can register through the app to attend the event.