KP Sharma

Education and Skill Development Minister Yeezang De Thapa praised the Bhutan Baccalaureate (BB) curriculum for its success in pilot schools. She attributed its effectiveness to a holistic learning approach.

Developed and implemented through a partnership between the Ministry of Education and Skill Development (MoESD) and the Druk Gyalpo’s Institute in Pangbisa, Paro, Bhutan Baccalaureate BB represents a shift away from traditional academic-focused approaches to a more holistic understanding of education.

Despite challenges within the education system, such as teacher attrition, Lyonpo said that the implementation of the Bhutan Baccalaureate (BB) has largely proceeded without any disruption.

According to Lyonpo, 23 pilot schools are spread across the country currently, with each dzongkhag hosting at least one school, except Thimphu, which has three.

Lyonpo said that there were at least two trained teachers in every school facilitating smooth execution of the curriculum.

These teachers, Lyonpo said, had undergone six months of intensive training and were playing a pivotal role in mentoring new recruits, guiding fellow teachers in their respective schools.

Lyonpo commended the dedication of these teachers for their efforts and bringing positive outcomes in the implementation.

She said that BB, centered on competency-based learning, was focused on harnessing students’ strengths, offering a holistic educational experience. Bhutan’s current system, she added, focuses primarily on academic achievements and fails to provide a comprehensive outlook.

Highlighting the tangible impact of BB, Lyonpo said that students from BB schools excelled in international competitions, stressing its efficacy in fostering well-rounded development.

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay, while acknowledging the disparities between the existing curriculum and the BB model, defended the existing curriculum’s credibility, citing endorsements from international experts.

Talking about the prospect of transitioning from the current curriculum to BB, the Prime Minister said that extensive consultations and deliberations might be required within the education sector.

He said that any decision must be meticulously studied before implementation, suggesting that such considerations would help in developing the 13th Plan.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed in 2021 between MoESD and Druk Gyalpo’s Institute to transition the Bhutan Baccalaureate in 22 schools.