Thinley Namgay  

Bhutan is starting a Grand Prix. It is, however, not about open-wheel single-seater racing cars.

The Bhutan Archery Federation (BAF), in collaboration with the Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC) and Woezer Events, is introducing the Bhutan Grand Prix: the first open international style compound archery tournament to take place in Thimphu among Bhutanese this year.

After the tournament, eight players will be shortlisted, and four will be selected to represent Bhutan in the upcoming 19th Asian Games from September 10 to 25 in Hangzhou, China.

So far, only archers of the BAF have been getting the opportunity to take part in international tournaments. The shortlisted players will be paid during their training period.

Besides making compound archery more comprehensive, the tournament also intends to encourage archers to use accessories such as sights and triggers.

“The use of triggers and sights was not allowed up to now. We are expecting at least 100 archers,” an official from the BOC said.

Participants are allowed to use their bow and arrows that they use in the local tournament: a mechanical bow with a levering system composed of cables and pulleys to bend the limbs, and aluminium arrows.

Organisers have yet to confirm the dates for the competition. The BAF will provide a month-long training for participants after registration closes.

A BOC official said interested male archers are eligible for this tournament, and there is no age limit. “It is mandatory for the archers to use sights and triggers.”

Archers have to pay Nu 1,000 as an entry fee.

Officials said the registration was supposed to be held next month, but it might be deferred due to the uncertainty of the pandemic.