Bhutan open to clean and green business- PM

Lyonchhoen called on investors with sustainable business ideas to visit Bhutan

Summit: For investors with clean, green and sustainable business ideas, Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay said, Bhutan is open to business while addressing the 7th Vibrant Gujarat  global summit yesterday in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India.

“For that reason we welcome investments in renewable energy and hydropower, organic farming tourism, education and information technology,” Lyonchhoen said at the Mahatma Mandir hall in Gandhinaga.

Mixing some Hindi in between, which the gathering applauded, Lyonchhoen said the

Vibrant Gujarat summit was a phenomenon and the world’s leading platform for exchange of ideas, innovation and knowledge.

“This is how I see it: when Gujarat vibrates, its vibrations spread quickly through India to the rest of the world, and that includes my country in the mighty Himalayas.”

Lyonchhoen introduced Bhutan as a small country with a GDP of barely USD 1.7B, which when worth individually is even less than many of the delegates in attendance.

However, the Prime Minster added that while Bhutan’s economy may be small, it has used its limited resources wisely. “Our economy may be small, but it is green, and it is sustainable; our many fast flowing rivers are a source of renewable clean energy,” Lyonchhoen said. “And as for agriculture, a good 95 percent of our farming is either still natural or fully organic.”

Despite being small, Lyonchhoen said Bhutan enjoyed some remarkable successes and economic growth was achieved without destroying the environment.

“As a result, 72 percent of our country is under forest cover, more than half the country is protected as national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, and we have pledged to remain carbon-neutral for all time to come,” Lyonchhoen said.

Stating that Bhutan is open for business, Lyonchhoen invited investors with clean, green and sustainable business ideas to visit Bhutan.

After the event, Lyonchhoen met the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Anandiben Patel, the Prime Minister of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski, the Denmark Minister Trade and Department, Morgan Jensen and the US Secretary of State, John Kerry.

By Tshering Wangdi, Gujarat

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  1. sibidai
    sibidai says:

    Good to know that PM managed to convey the ‘true status’ of Bhutan unflinchingly.
    Yet its even more surprising that he could only meet the host(s) and tiny global economic players like Macedonia and Denmark, while US probably has a different agenda than economic investment in Bhutan.
    On the whole, the trip does not sound very advantageous or fruitful.
    Besides, with the Indian investors the Rs/Nu has become a kind of clog. And the recent trade and immigration officials handling of Indian business mens’ (Sarbhang dist.) trade licence and resident permits aided by impromptu order to leave the country too has not been a very welcome agenda for many probable Indian investors who gauze the business friendly environment of Bhutan through private consultation with existing Bhutan based business men.
    So, there is no point PM inviting investors if government cannot maintain uniform regulations and other departments continue to play foul and keep making ground realities crude, whimsical and unprofessional rule enforcements.

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