In a celestial ballet of rare stars, where destiny’s threads were woven, a hallowed hour revealed itself. Amidst the whispers of mystic winds, a royal child took form, and in the nation’s sacred embrace, a legacy was born.

Jigme Wangchuk

On Saturday, as the nation awoke to the news of the birth of the royal baby girl, the country was already swept up in the fervour of ecstatic celebration.

Social media pages were inundated with the festive news, and households and families across the land rose for prayers—for many, this moment signified the continuation of a glorious beginning.

For little Tashi, who was abruptly awakened from her slumber by her unusually animated mother, she had gained a new sister. Tashi’s brother, Sonam, had momentarily forgotten about his unfinished homework, which he had stashed away for the morning.

“The brothers now have a little friend. They must be really happy, just as we are,” beamed Sonam.

And shortly thereafter, Dr Lotay Tshering, the prime minister, and Laytshog Lopon Sangay Dorji appeared on BBS.

Dr Lotay Tshering hailed it as a historic day. The birth of a princess, he said, had long been awaited. “It is a joyous occasion. We should congratulate ourselves and celebrate. As the representative of the people, I offer my Tashi Delek to the people of Bhutan. We are so fortunate to be blessed with a princess.”

Indeed, it is a historic day. The Sovereign is the national identity, unity, and pride, imparting a sense of stability and continuity. The birth of Gyalsem completes the nation’s family, adding colour and shape to its dreams and aspirations.

For the people of Bhutan, this momentous birth of a princess is a testament to their deep reverence and soaring spirits.

“The wisdom of calm and light has come,” said Aum Cheki from Trashigang, who believes that the harmony of energy is essential, not only within a family but also within societies and the world beyond. “The princess represents a beacon of grace in the tranquil light, a balancing force that will help shape the destinies of the world and its peoples.”

Lopon Sangay Dorji remarked that this precious gift is the culmination of the nation’s fervent prayers. The birth of the princess is special because the day and month align with a moment of special significance.

The princess, he noted, was born on the auspicious day of Nima Gyalpoi and Lhai Laza (an auspicious day for kings and gods), a tendrel (auspicious intervention) to fulfill the wishes of the nation and its people.

“It was a blessing to the people of Bhutan. After the birth of the two princes, the people of the nation wished for a princess, and our prayers were answered,” said Lopon Sangay Dorji.

Furthermore, he added that the day of the royal baby’s birth was auspicious as the 25th day is marngo, or the day of the gathering of hundreds of dakinis.

In the south of Thimphu, Ap Panjo said that the arrival of the princess this month signifies and symbolises an era of abundance. The day before the birth of the princess, he heard the first song of cicadas when he was harvesting chillies.

“The sound of cicadas heralds autumn, season of harvest and prosperity,” he said. “In the cradle of our monarchy, where traditions brightly gleam, a new chapter unfolds, like a radiant, precious dream. The birth of the princess will usher in an era of great future for Bhutan.”

This special significance and joy were not confined to Bhutan and its people alone. Neighbours and true friends of Bhutan shared the joy and celebration.

UNICEF Bhutan Representative, Andrea James, said: ““UNICEF Bhutan offers out heartiest congratulations to Their Majesties on the birth of the Royal Princess. We pray for the good health of Her Majesty and the newborn princess.”

India’s foreign minister, Dr S Jaishankar, extended his prayers and thoughts on this momentous occasion: “Greetings and Tashi Delek to His Majesty, King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, the Gyaltsuen, Their Royal Highnesses, The Gyalseys, and the Royal Family, on being blessed with HRH The Gyalsem. India joins the people of Bhutan in celebrating this happy and auspicious occasion.”

Closer to home, the Embassy of India wrote: “Tashi Delek and warmest greetings to His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen, members of the Royal Family, and the people of Bhutan on the birth of Her Royal Highness, The Gyalsem”

And, the chief engineer of Project Dantak, Brigadier Jaswinder Singh, and his wife, Namrata Ahuja, expressed their joy at the birth of the princess: “We humbly congratulate Their Majesties for the birth of the precious Gyalsem. It is truly wonderful news and a joyous day.”

Political leaders wish Their Majesties

The president of Bhutan Tendrel Party, Dasho Pema Chewang said, “BTP is overjoyed with the news of the arrival of HRH The Gyalsem. We join the nation in offering our heartfelt Tashi Delek to Their Majesties and prayers for the long life, good health and happiness of the Royal new-born.”

The General Secretary of the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa, Phurba said, “The blessed birth of our beloved Gyalsem brought glows to our hearts. Born from the collective soenam (wishes) and moelam (prayers) of all Bhutanese and blessings of Palden Drukpai Kasuungs, may our beloved Gyalsem grow and glow with humility, compassion and unfathomable love like our beloved Majesties. DNT joins the nation in joyous celebration, thanking Their Majesties for the blessed gift.” 

Druk Phuensum Tshogpa President and Opposition Leader, Dorji Wangdi said, “The birth of the Princess to our Majesties is news of immense national jubilation. We are overjoyed! The princess is a most precious gem, a future adorned with compassion and benevolence. We offer our heartfelt congratulations to Their Majesties, and join the nation in offering our sincere prayers for the good health of Her Majesty and the Princess.”

Druk Thuendrel Tshogpa (DTT) President, Kinga Tshering said, “Born on the auspicious day of the Dakinis, may Mother Tara bless and protect our Gyalsem and lend her grace and radiance too. May this auspicious coincidence be a sign of good fortune and brighter days to come. Our sincere prayers and wishes for a Princess-companion to our Queen are fulfilled.”

PDP President Dasho Tshering Tobgay said, “It fills me with joy and pride to witness this momentous occasion. I join the nation in extending my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Their Majesties on the arrival of the princess. May her life be abundantly blessed with love, grace, and happiness, and may she bring immense joy to the royal family and people of Bhutan.”