Sherab Lhamo

The “Healing with Happiness” Art exhibition opened in Gallery Bookstore IMPRESSIONS  in Paris on January 12 and will continue until February 3.

It features works from 21 Bhutanese contemporary artists, showcasing diverse collections of around 40 artworks.

“Healing with Happiness” exhibition has gained attention since September 2022, making its way from Brussels and Antwerp in Belgium to Paris in France, transcending cultural boundaries and communicating the universal language of art.

21 Bhutanese artists, showcased diverse collections of about 40 artworks

Ambassador of Bhutan to Belgium, Kutshab Tshoki Choden said, “By modernising Bhutanese art, VAST has ignited a spark of creativity in the artists, encouraging them to push boundaries while at the same time, maintaining and drawing inspiration from age-old tradition and cultural heritage.”

She said, “But more importantly, this rejuvenation has ensured that the art of painting, which is a core aspect of Bhutan’s tradition and culture, is preserved and advanced. And what better place to showcase contemporary Bhutanese Art than in Paris, which stands as a beacon of artistic diversity and innovative expressions, and a melting pot of artistic influences.”

The opening was attended by more than 100 guests and art enthusiasts, marking the commencement of a transformative journey through the realm of Bhutanese art in the vibrant city of Paris.

The exhibition also marked the 25 years of VAST Bhutan’s dedicated efforts in promoting contemporary artistic beauty and cultural diversity within and outside Bhutan.

As the exhibition unfolds, VAST Bhutan expresses hope that the arts will continue to heal, inspire, and unify people from all walks of life.