Thinley Namgay

With the 19th Asian Games (AG) in China just around the corner, Bhutan is gearing up to make its fourth appearance in golf, and all eyes are on the lone golfer representing the nation—Tshendra Dorji from the Bhutan Golf Federation (BGF).

Tshendra trains at the Royal Thimphu Golf Course and Drakpoi Golf Course, honing his skills for the upcoming games.

The intensive training began last month, reflecting Tshendra’s lifelong dedication to the sport, which started in childhood and has now culminated in the grand opportunity to compete on the international stage.

Having already represented Bhutan in three international tournaments and boasting three-time victory in the Bhutan Open Championship, Tshendra’s ambition is unwavering as he sets his sights on the AG.

His remarkable performance at the Bhutan Open Championship 2023 earned him a nomination to represent Bhutan at this esteemed sporting event.

The Bhutan Olympic Committee and BGF have arranged a two-week training stint in Kolkata, India, to enhance his game exposure and develop other essential skills.

Tshendra’s journey in golf began in 2000, and since then, his passion for the sport has grown exponentially, with inspiration stemming from his experiences as a caddy.

A devoted admirer of Tiger Woods, Tshendra aspires to bring honour to his country and aims to secure a medal at the AG, leaving no stone unturned in his quest for success.

Unlike previous AG editions, this year’s golf scenario will see a significant change as both amateurs and professionals have been given the green light to compete.

As he prepares to represent Bhutan on the international stage, Tshendra expressed his gratitude to the members of the Royal Thimphu Golf Club and Drakpoi Golf Club for their unwavering financial support and belief in his capabilities. 

Bhutan first took part in golf at the 1986 AG in South Korea, followed by appearances in the 2014 AG in South Korea and the 2018 AG in Indonesia.