Chencho Dema | Punakha 

A Bhutanese man in his mid-20s studying at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, met with a car accident while returning home from the university at around noon on March 7.

He is reportedly being treated at the Royal Perth Hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU). He reportedly underwent a few surgical procedures.

The victim is a Murdoch University student pursuing a business degree. He arrived in Perth with his wife around a month ago.

In the meantime, the Association of Bhutanese in Perth (ABPI) is doing what it can to help the victim.

This is the second accident involving a Bhutanese in Australia this year. In the previous incident, a woman died last month. She is survived by two children living with her mother in Thimphu.

Meanwhile, in 2019, a Bhutanese student from Zhemgang in Perth, Western Australia died in a fatal road crash when he was driving home from work.

The deceased was studying Diploma in Civil Engineering at the Technical and Further Education, TAFE, in Perth and is survived by his wife who accompanied him to Perth and their two children.

A 24-year-old Bhutanese student died in a car accident in Canberra in October 2016.