As the sacred Buddhist pilgrimage to Bodh Gaya, locally known as Nyechhen Dorji Dhen, commenced this month, over 60 devoted pilgrims from Bhutan are embarking on a daily journey from Phuentsholing to the revered destination in Bihar, India.

A daily departure of a double-decker bus, equipped with 65 seats, crosses the border from Phuentsholing at 4 pm, reaching the hallowed grounds of Bodh Gaya at approximately 1 pm the following day. Covering a distance of about 700 kilometers, each pilgrim pays Nu 2,100 as bus fare for this spiritual voyage, according to a pilgrim from Merak, Trashigang.

The pilgrimage season is expected to continue until February of the upcoming year, drawing devotees from different parts of Bhutan eager to delve into the sacred history of how Gautam Buddha bestowed blessings upon the site and attained enlightenment beneath the Bodhi Tree.

Meanwhile, the Kidu Mobile Medical Unit from Bhutan has recommenced its philanthropic medical services, offering free healthcare to Bhutanese pilgrims starting from December 4 until the culmination of January.

Established at the Royal Bhutanese Temple, this unit was initiated in December 2016 under the command of His Majesty The King, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the well-being of the pilgrims during their sacred journey.

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Rinzin Wangchuk