Thinley Namgay   

Sangay Tenzin and Kinley Lhendup represented Bhutan in the ongoing 19th edition of the FINA World Championship 2022 in Budapest, Hungary.

Of the 209 FINA member nations, 184 are contesting in the championship that began on June 17.

Sangay Tenzin, 18, featured in the  100 metres (m) and 200m freestyle. Kinley Lhendup, also 18, took part in the 100m butterfly and 200m Individual Medley.

In the 100m butterfly on June 23, Kinley Lhendup stood last among nine participants in the heat (group).  He completed it in 1 minute (min) and 4 seconds (secs). However, his performance was better in the 200m Individual Medley on June 21. He came sixth by finishing in 2 mins and 29 secs among nine swimmers.

Kinley Lhendup from Thimphu said, “I want to train hard to perform better.”

“Now, I need to focus on the upcoming Asian Games to at least get a medal and take aquatic culture of Bhutan to next level,” he said.

Meanwhile, on June 21, Sangay Tenzin came seventh in the 100m freestyle out of the eight swimmers in the heat. He finished the race in 57.6 secs.

In the 200m freestyle on June 19, Sangay Tenzin was last among eight participants. He completed the swim in 2 mins and 8 secs.

Sangay Tenzin from Sarpang said: “It wasn’t a great competition for me.  I couldn’t  achieve my target but things cannot always go the way we want.”

“After the Olympics, I took a break and came back to Thailand to resume my training for this competition. I need to be more technical,” Sangay Tenzin said.

Sangay Tenzin and Kinley Lhendup participated in the 18th FINA World Championship in South Korea and the FINA Swimming World Cup in Russia in 2019.  They are training in Thailand through the support of FINA.

The FINA World Championship 2022 will end on July 3.