Tatsu Sakamoto, 49, a professor from Japan and his family of four experience the world through biking.

At 29 years in 1999, inspired by his acquaintance with one of the world’s biggest stage race in Paris, France, Tour de France, he completed a tour of the world biking alone. It took about four years to complete his world tour.

In March 1998, he was in Bhutan, the 32nd country to bike in. After 20 years of his biking expedition in the country, he is back to Bhutan with his family to let his children learn and experience different lifestyle and culture through biking.

“I learnt a lot while biking alone and shared several stories. I wanted to let my children and family experience and learn from this expedition,” Tatsu said. “Bhutan has undergone tremendous change. Number of cars was fewer; buildings were not so tall then. However, people have not changed.”

Tatsu and his family will be biking for about a week in Phobjikha valley, Punakha, Trongsa and Bumthang.

Named ‘Sakamotos Great Six Continents Adventure’ Tatsu and his family began the expedition of world tour from New Zealand in 2014. The family leaves for Bumthang tomorrow.

After experiencing arduous monsoon in Nepal, he said that biking in Bhutan during this season is worrying. Tatsu will be visiting one of his hosts in Bumthang for giving him an experience of lifetime 20 years ago.

“The expedition was challenging and it is more difficult when you are with family and children,” he said. “However, such moments and memories helped me fulfill my dreams.”