The roadblock between Trongsa town and Bjeezam is expected to be cleared today evening, according to the Department of Roads (DoR) officials.

DoR officials said the roadblock about 2kms from Bjeezam towards Trongsa town was caused by dry landslide around 3am yesterday.

Chief engineer at Trongsa regional office, Ugyen Dorji, said that the dry landslide and falling boulders caused the roadblock.

He said there are continuous shooting boulders and landslides.

“Although three excavators are deployed and clearing has immediately begun, it’s not sure when we can clear the roadblock,” Ugyen Dorji said. “However, we’re attempting to clear the road by today evening.”

DoR officials said that to avoid a traffic jam, all vehicles except trailers were diverted to travel through Nikachhu access road to travel to Trongsa, which is about 21km from Trongsa. All commuters are advised to travel via this route until the roadblock is cleared.

Meanwhile, the road where the block occurred is a part of East-West highway widening work, which has just completed its formation cutting.

Staff reporter