mPay, MyPay, ATM, POS, Agency Banking, Bwallet to be suspended until Monday

Sherab Lhamo

To provide an advanced banking solution, the Bhutan National Bank (BNB) is upgrading its core banking infrastructure and software, transitioning to the latest version of Oracle Flexcube core banking software.

As part of the upgrade,  the bank will also modify the existing saving, current and overdraft (OD) accounts from 13 digits to nine digits aimed to improve efficiency and simplicity in managing accounts. To see the updated information after the switch, users can check their mPay app and other internet banking platforms.

Users will be notified through their email address on the updated account number. Starting yesterday until 9 am on Monday, April 1,  the internet banking including mPay, MyPay, ATM, POS, Agency Banking, Bwallet will be temporarily suspended.

On March 27, BNB launched their new logo, drawn from the traditional emblem – the endless knot. BNB has changed their logo, colour palette and typography (text style).

Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Sonam Tobgay, said that for the last 27 years the interface was relevant, however,  as things are evolving, so is BNB. ,“While the current interface may suffice locally, BNB has more international partners including international ambassadors including International Finance Corporation (world bank group), and it has to be relevant to them.”

The logo is also derived from their old logo, consisting of a depiction of three triple Norbu (jewel) that represents continuous prosperity rooted in the triple gem, and a square symbolising unwavering stability and commitment reflecting BNB’s financial strength.

Their colour palette is composed of Red and Blue signifying balance of Intelligence and Power. 

This upgradation is a culmination of 14 months of research by the BNB employees alongside branding agency Wangyel studio, their partner including gathering to and fro feedback from the employees and the customers.