Kinley Wangchuk

A young makeup artist is now making a living by providing eyelash and nail extension home services.

Calling it ‘Yesh Make-Up’, the makeup artist, Yeshey, said her services vary. “I provide nail extensions using acrylic and gel costing and eyelash extensions using quality material of faux mink.”

She even started providing makeup services for weddings. “On such occasions, clients prefer either light makeup or morning package, where the makeup lasts till noon.”

Yeshey at work

She said some people prefer heavy makeup or the whole day package, where the make up lasts for a whole day. “These kinds of heavy makeups are preferred for night parties.”

Yeshey claimed her clients include girls, actors, music video industries and women magazine organisations. “My youngest client was a three-year-old girl.”

She said she took a course in eyelash and acrylic nail extensions after completing her studies in Bangkok in 2018. “After returning home, I started a page on social media to start a home call services for makeups.”

Yeshey said most of the items were bought from Bangkok, Korea, Japan and America.

“Every girl in my college was an inspiration to me. I studied in college where everyone made sure they looked nice and smelled nice. It’s always good to look nice so I was only inspired every day to learn more about how to look nice and how people present themselves,” Yeshey said.