Chencho Dema | Punakha

In an unprecedented incident, two cows have been brutally slaughtered in the Goenshari Gewog of Punakha, raising concerns over the safety of livestock in the area.

The Goenshari Gup, Wangchuk, confirmed that one of the cows belonged to a local resident, while the ownership of the second cow remains unknown. “We are currently conducting an investigation into this distressing situation,” he stated.

The incident was initially reported to the gup by Thinley, the Tshogpa of Tshorimzamphakha Yourbu Chiwog.

Law enforcement authorities have been informed and are actively involved in the case.

The heinous act is believed to have taken place during the night of May 9 in Tshorimzamphakha Youbou Chiwog. According to the gup, the cows were tied with ropes and mercilessly slaughtered.

Shockingly, the culprits left behind the decapitated heads, three legs, and stomachs of the cows, presumably to evade detection.

The residents of Goenshari suspect that the perpetrators may have intended to sell the meat at nearby meat shops in Khuruthang and Wangduephodrang through illegal channels.

As the news of this gruesome incident spreads, a video capturing the remains of the cows has gone viral on social media, intensifying public outrage.

Local authorities are committed to bringing the perpetrators to justice and have urged community members to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to livestock or the illegal trade of meat.

The unprecedented slaughter of cattle has not only caused distress among the affected owners but also raised concerns for the welfare and security of livestock across the Goenshari Gewog.

The community hopes that swift action will be taken to ensure the safety of their animals and prevent such horrific incidents from occurring in the future.