Dechen Dolkar

The President of the Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP), Pema Chewang, showcased a remarkable blend of humour, perseverance, and communication skills during the launch of the party’s general election campaign in Punakha yesterday.

The event drew crowds as early as 9am, with attendees ranging from supporters to coordinators of other parties.

Amidst discussions, Pema Chewang lightened the atmosphere with humor, fostering a connection with the attendees. Furthermore, he encouraged individuals to express their opinions and concerns freely.

Commencing his campaign in Kabji-Talog and Lingmukha-Toedwang constituencies in Punakha, and Athang-Toedtsho constituency in Wangdue, Pema Chewang expressed gratitude to coordinators and supporters of other political parties for backing the BTP.

Noteworthy was Namgay Wangmo, a 47-year-old resident of Sirigang, who walked over five kilometres to attend the campaign of  party.

She emphasised the importance of attending such events to comprehend the perspectives of both parties before casting votes.

At the Kabji-Talog constituency, voters said that it was time for a change and endorsed Tshering Dorji as a candidate capable of holding a ministerial portfolio. They expressed a desire for their candidates not to be part of the opposition party.

Ugyen Dorji, a 65-year-old voter from Athang-Toedtsho constituency, highlighted the essential needs of the community, such as road infrastructure, drinking water, and irrigation for farmers.

Pema Chewang underscored the party’s extensive experience, with candidates boasting over 20 years in civil services despite the party being relatively new. Having served as a civil servant for more than 33 years in various capacities, her emphasised his commitment.

Throughout the campaign, Pema Chewang reiterated the importance of unity and selecting the right party. While acknowledging that all parties prioritise economic revival, he emphasised that the BTP’s primary focus lies in the unity and prosperity of Bhutan.

As a testament to the party’s commitment, he announced a policy initiative wherein the party would provide Nu 15,000 annually for newborns up until they are 15 years old. Additionally, the party plans to institute a population policy for effective, long-term implementation.

Responding to voters’ request, Pema Chewang pledged to visit all gewogs and chiwogs during the campaign.

Compared to the primary campaign, the general election campaign witnessed a larger turnout, concluding at the Wolothang Primary school in the Lingmukha-Toedwang constituency.