Dechen Dolkar

Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) in its 63-page manifesto pledges that if the party is elected, the government will act as facilitator and not as regulator of public services delivery.

The party pledged that it will institute a mimang zhaptog teywa in each gewog with a dedicated officer and fast-track and streamline business approvals or permits or clearances and regulations.

The party pledged to review the impact of civil and public service transformation exercises and review one-time Royal Civil Service Commission examination system for graduates in consultation with the commission.

These pledges, according to the party are doable and achievable and assured to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery in the next five years.

BTP’s manifestoes in detail here!


Party will provide fiscal incentives for purchase of EV and EV battery charging stations across the country.

The party identifies five key economic drivers, collectively referred as (ATIEM): agriculture, tourism, infrastructures, energy and mines and minerals.

In the agriculture sector, the party pledges to transition from subsistence to commercial farming and provide chain-link and electric fencing at feasible locations and explore other alternative measures.

The party also pledge to double annual export earnings to Nu 7B, import of seasonal labour for agricultural farming and crop and livestock insurance policy.

Economy transformation and jobs creation

The party pledged to increase average annual household income by seven-fold to Nu 3M from Nu 406,134 by the end of 2029 and achieved full employment. They  also pledge to support gig economy through  access to digital infrastructures and reduce interest rate and revise land in consultation with Royal Monetary Authority.

BTP promises to review and amend the Tourism Levy Act 2022 with in-depth consultation with the stakeholders and examine the sustainable development fee (SDF) and provide an exemption or concessionary levy rate on the applicable SDF.

The party also promises to allow tourist entry and exit from all the border gate and additional international airlines and seamless international payment gateways.

BTP pledged to allocate Nu 50B for first three years for infrastructures development activities. The party will also improve, upgrade and blacktop chiwog and dzongkhag or gewog connectivity roads and ensure all round internal road connectivity

The party will also build helipads in each gewog on need basis and explore an alternative airport in the east.

The party will initiate additional 8,886MW large and small hydro power projects and participation of private sector in construction of medium and small-scale hydro-power projects.

The party pledges to promote broad-based ownership of the mines for equity sharing, facilitate collection and sale of mineral crystals and allow lapidary units and generate annual earning of Nu 20B from mines and minerals sector.


To preparing for the future, BTP committed to introduce specilaised schools or academy like arts and creative subjects, business, STEM, sports at strategic locations.

The party will do away individual work plan (IWP) and major occupational group for teaching and health professionals and increase stipends for students.

The party will also call-off classes on Saturdays and introduce alternative education and reinstate arts and humanities courses.

The party will also offer lunch in urban schools and two meals for rural day scholar students.


BTP promises to establish smart health care through the  “Digital Dungtsho App” providing 24 hours smart health care, introduce the concept of family physicians and initiate a lotar sowe-zhabto to all citizen.


The party pledge to introduce youth engagement platform under Prime Minister’s Office to give urgent attention to any youth related issues and help youth with substance abuse problems through a review of the legislation and strengthen rehabilitation centers.

Seniors Citizens

For the dignified life of senior citizens, the party pledged to provide Phamai Drinlen Zhurpho to non-pensioner senior citizens above 65 years Jhamchong Zhurpho to differently-abled citizens.

The party also promises to revise pension schemes tied to the annual inflation rate and cost of living and residential care facility for people with congenital or severe physical-challenged.

Overseas migration and demography

To address overseas migration, BTP pledged to initiate family-friendly population policies that the party will initiate to provide annual alu sarkey tendrel thue of Nu 15,000 to all new born up to 18 years.

Party promises to create investment avenues in the country for Bhutanese diaspora and community vitality and security.

The party pledge to provide a one-time home loan to general public in rural areas at concessional interest rate and special home ownership quota to public servants who has served more than 30 years.

Rural life insurance compensation amount would be raised from Nu 30,000 to Nu 150,000, if BTP is elected.