Dechen Dolkar

The Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) achieved a clean sweep, securing victories in all five constituencies of Trashigang.

In the Khanlung-Samkhar-Udzorong constituency, BTP’s president Pema Chewang secured an overwhelming victory with 5,304 votes, outshining People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate Norbu Wangchuk, who garnered 2,623 votes.

Pema Chewang’s triumph extended to both postal and electronic voting, securing 2,519 postal votes, the highest in both categories.

In Bartsham-Shongphu constituency, BTP’s Rinchen Wangdi secured a total of 4,476 votes, with 2,409 from electronic voting machines (EVM) and 2,067 from postal ballots. PDP’s Kinzang Wangdi obtained 3,174 votes, including 1,914 from EVM and 1,260 from postal ballots.

In the Radhi-Sakteng constituency, BTP’s Tashi Tenzin emerged victorious with 3,590 votes, comprising 1,959 from EVM and 1,631 from postal ballots. PDP’s Sonam Wangchuk received a total of 3,231 votes, with 2,117 from EVM and 1,114 from postal ballots.

In Wamrong Constituency,   BTP candidate  Lam Dorji secured the highest votes with 3,624, including 1,793 from postal ballots and 1,831 from EVM. PDP candidate Yeshey Nidup obtained 2,108 votes, with 976 from EVM and 1,132 from postal ballots.

In Thrimshing constituency, BTP’s Damche Tenzin secured 2,680 votes, including 1,049 from EVM and 1,631 from postal ballots. PDP’s Dorji Choden received a total of 2,443 votes, with 1,033 from EVM and 1,410 from postal ballots.

Trashigang, with 52,953 registered voters (25,563 males and 27,390 females), witnessed a turnout of 33,253 voters.