Dechen Dolkar

The Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) committed to enhancing the development of Samtse town, promising a better prospects with the advent of a new industrial estate that will bring about a vibrant transformation for the entire community.

Despite Samtse being a stronghold of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), a large crowd gathered in three constituencies. President Pema Chewang thanked supporters from the other three political parties for coming forward to support the BTP.

The president met with people of Phuentshogpelri-Samtse, Tashichhoeling and Ugyentse_Yoeseltse constituencies, yesterday.

He said that the private sector will be engaged in this transformation, recognising the private sector as a key partner of the government and strengthening collaboration between government agencies and the private sector.

He said that with the Damdum Industrial estate established in Samtse, the party will fast-track the development benefiting the entire community.

He said that Samtse, being one of the entry and exit points of the country, will enable swift trade with neighbouring countries.

For equal participation of the public, the president assured that the party will ensure public participation in the initial public offering of public enterprises by coordinating with the banks to finance share subscriptions.

The president pledged to voters that the party will review fiscal incentive policy to attract private investment and encourage business establishment.

The party committed to fast-track, relax and streamline all business approvals, permits, clearances and regulations.

The party also pledged to ensure clarity of regulations with ease of understanding and with stability and consistency in the application of policies and legislations.

He also pledged to support and strengthen sector associations and include the private sector in national economic decisions and policies.

He promised to implement and enforce policies that favour competition to prevent monopolies and promote a healthy competitive business environment.

Pema Chewang said that the party will initiate financial sector reforms with an emphasis on easy access to finance, financial literacy, productive sector loans, fund management, capital markets, robust international/electronic payment gateways, and cash-flow-based financing.

The party pledged to reduce interest rates for loans from financial institutions in consultation with the central bank. They aim to initiate start-up loans and extend the group loan scheme at a concessional rate for all citizens through the injection of capital into the development bank.

The party also pledged to review current taxation policies, legislations, including property tax and systems, to simplify and improve the structure of the taxation system and procedures.