Dechen Dolkar

The candidates and voters in Trashigang said the Bhutan Tendrel Party’s (BTP) victory in all five constituencies in the dzongkhag has been influenced by its president.

Four BTP candidates secured victories in both postal ballots and Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), while Sonam Wangchuk, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate from the Radhi-Sakteng constituency, won through EVM votes.

In the Kanglung-Samkhar-Udzorong constituency, BTP candidate Pema Chewang secured a landslide victory with 5,304 votes, obtaining the highest votes from both postal ballots and EVMs. He secured d 2,519 votes through postal ballots and 2,785 from EVMs, capturing 66.91 percent of the total vote cast. His opponent, People’s Democratic Party’s Norbu Wangchuk secured 2,623 votes, with 1,030 from postal ballots and 1,953 from EVMs and 33.09 percent of the total votes cast.

Out of the 17 polling stations in the constituency, BTP won in 13, while PDP won in four from  Chhiya, Dayphoog, Samkhar gewog centre and Yenangdrea ORC polling stations.

In the Bartsham-Shongphu constituency, BTP candidate Rinchen Wangdi secured a total of 4,476 votes, with 2,409 from EVMs and 2,067 from postal ballots, securing 58.51 percent of the total vote cast. PDP candidate Kinzang Wangdi obtained 3,174 votes, with 1,914 from EVMs and 1,260 from postal ballots, securing 41.49 percent of the total vote cast.

BTP secured the highest votes in 13 out of the 18 polling stations and PDP won from five polling stations from Bartsham gewog centre, Yobinang ECR, Yingom, Chaling and Shongphu BHU polling stations.

While opening envelope A, 107 postal ballots were rejected and 14 more were rejected after opening envelope B.

In the Radhi-Sakteng constituency, BTP candidate Tashi Tenzin secured the highest number of votes with 3,590, including 1,959 votes through EVMs and 1,631 through postal ballots, securing 52.63 percent of the total vote cast. PDP candidate Sonam Wangchuk received 3,231 votes, winning 2,117 votes through EVMs and 1,114 through postal ballots, securing 47.37 percent of the total vote cast.

In the primary round, Sonam Wangchuk secured the highest votes. He said that he lost because of regionalism.

BTP candidate secured the highest votes from eight polling stations. He won from Radi and Phonmey. PDP candidate secured the highest vote in eight polling stations. He won from Radhi and Sakgteng of the total 16 polling stations.

Eight postal ballots were rejected after opening envelope A and another four after opening envelope B.

In Wamrong Constituency, BTP’s Lam Dorji obtained the highest number of votes with 3,624, winning in both postal ballots and EVMs, securing 63.22 percent of the total vote cast. PDP candidate Yeshey Nidup obtained 2,108 votes, with 976 from EVMs and 1,132 from postal ballots, securing 36.78 percent of the total vote cast.

Lam Dorji said that his victory to the president’s influence, his long-standing service in the constituency, and 31 years of experience in various positions.

He said that most of the pledges are similar and it will not be difficult to deliver them even if they are in opposition. “Opposition or government, it is to serve the people and the country,” he said.

PDP candidate, Yeshey Nidup said that PDP candidates loss because of the voters going for regionalism. He said that their pledges were best. Voters didn’t vote for pledges and they voted for looking for president.

The constituency has 11 polling stations. Lam Dorji secured the most votes in 10 polling stations and Yeshey Nidup secured more votes from Khaling gewog centre polling station by 339 votes. Thirty-two postal ballots were rejected including 17 after opening envelope A.

In Thrimshing constituency, BTP candidate Damche Tenzin secured 2,680 votes, winning through both EVMs and postal ballots. He secured 1,049 votes on EVMs and 1,631 in postal ballots, securing 52.31 percent of the total vote cast. PDP candidate Dorji Choden received 2,443 votes, with 1,033 from EVMs and 1,410 from postal ballots, securing 47.69 percent of the total vote cast.

The constituency has nine polling stations. BTP candidate made a landslide victory in six polling stations from Berdoonga ORC polling station, Sako MP hall polling station, Passaaphu polling station, Thrimshing Central school, Thrimshing gewog centre polling station and Tshangpo primary school polling stations.

Trashigang has 52,953 registered voters, including 25,563 males and 27,390 females, with 16,072 voters registered for postal ballots. In total, 33,253 voters cast their votes.