Dechen Dolkar

Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) has declared its commitment to prioritising efficient and effective service delivery as a cornerstone of good governance. 

Emphasising the importance of fostering trust between the government and citizens, the party aims to promote efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the system.

During the campaign in Tsirang and Dagana,yesterday, the party’s president, Pema Chewang, announced the party’s intention to enact a public service delivery Bill. This Bill, he said, would establish a clear performance matrix and benchmarks to evaluate and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery.

Pema Chewang said the party will focus on the well-being of public servants and pledged to revise pension schemes tied to the annual inflation rate and the basic cost of living. The party also promised a special homeownership quota for public servants with over 30 years of service.

Other key initiatives of the party, president said, would include the introduction of systematic and timely promotions for civil servants, a one-time establishment loan for new public or private sector employees,and the regularisation of contract employees serving different agencies.

The party also pledged a one-time allowance to purchase laptops for teachers and facilitating the adoption of smart learning methodologies.

The BTP also committed to revising the existing salary structure for public servants, providing special allowances for the national workforce based on economic conditions, and reviewing key administrative processes like Individual Work Plans and Annual Performance Agreements.

Pema Chewang emphasised the party’s commitment to assessing the impact of civil and public service transformation exercises, addressing issues related to human resources, morale, attrition, efficiency, functionality, and coordination.

BTP, he said, would conduct a comprehensive assessment of institutions’ strengths and weaknesses and invest in training and skills development programs tailored to specific institutional needs.

The party also pledged to establish a people-centric and integrated public service delivery centre called Mimang Zhaptog Teywa in each gewog. These centers, the party president said, would be staffed by dedicated officers to provide commonly availed services.

The party, he said, would enhance e-governance by adopting a “Digital by Default” approach, ensure access to government service delivery, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within public service agencies.

BTP is committed to prioritising preventive measures to curb corruption by promoting ethical leadership at all levels of public institutions.