Ugyen Dorji

In a decisive victory, the Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) claimed triumph in all three constituencies of Mongar, emerging victorious in both electronic voting machine (EVM) and postal ballot counts.

In Kengkhar-Weringla, BTP’s candidate, Dorji Wangmo, secured an impressive 2,036 EVM votes and 2,468 postal ballots, outshining her opponent PDP’s Sonam Penjore, who obtained 1,893 EVM votes and 1,405 postal ballots.

Similarly, in Dramedtse-Ngatsang, BTP’s Kinzang Wangchuk secured a substantial 3,549 EVM votes and 2,140 postal ballots, resulting in a total of 5,689 votes. PDP’s Tobgay Tobgay secured 1,406 postal ballots and 2,668 EVM votes.

In the Mongar constituency, BTP’s Naiten Wangchuk secured 2,217 EVM votes and 2,260 postal ballots, while PDP’s Sonam Dendup obtained 1,969 EVM votes and 1,309 postal ballots.

Mongar witnessed a commendable 65 percent voter turnout, with a total of 25,320 voters casting their votes via EVM and postal ballots out of 38,727 registered voters.