Nima Wangdi | Bumdeling 

People of Bumdeling gewog in Trashiyangtse are concerned about the deteriorating condition of the gewog centre (GC) road.

The road, which was blacktopped a few years ago, is now in a pathetic state, making it difficult to ply for smaller cars. There are deep depressions filled with water on this road.

A villager from Nyangteng said tipper trucks carrying boulders and gravel for farm road base coursing ply along this road every day. “They have deteriorated all the blacktop and created the depressions.”

He said the road is becoming risky for small vehicles.

“In the past, cars reached Yangtse town from Bumdeling in 15 minutes. Now it takes half an hour,” he said.

Another villager said the base coursing work for the Cheng farm road was never-ending, and the road is damaged even before it is done.

“Who is going to repair this road? The gewog, dzongkhag, or the contractors?” he asked.

A villager from Ngalimang said the GC road is very important for the villagers. “We travel and transport goods and commodities via this road. Transportation charges increase when the condition of the road is bad.”

Trashiyangtse’s Dzongrab Gom Lam Dorji said the dzongkhag administration has decided to ask the contractors to fill the potholes.

He said two contractors were involved in base coursing farm roads beyond the gewog centre. “The Bumdeling gewog administrative officer has also written to us about it.”