Voters and elections officials are prepared for the poll day in Bumthang. All polling officials reported to the 19 polling stations in Bumthang by April 18. 

Election officials said the dzongkhag has not received any case of dispute. 

There are 116 polling officials in the field, excluding the security personnel.

Since most polling stations in the dzongkhag are connected with road, the officials do not anticipate major issues on poll day. The furthest polling station is 55km from Chamkhar in Shingkhar.

Bumthang also saw one of the highest voter turnout of 80 percent from the postal ballot facilitation booth. Of the 1,601 registered voters opting for facilitation booth, 1,274 had cast their votes.

Two facilitation booths were set up in Wangdichholing and Chumey. In Wangdichholing, 487 male and 468 female voted at the facility constituting a turnout of 955. There are 1,216 voters who registered for postal ballot facilitation booth.  Facilitation booth in Chumey had 385 registered voters, of which 319 turned up (169 male and 150 female).

As for the conventional ballot, the office of the returning officer has received 532 ballots of the 619 issued. The office of the returning officer issued 350 postal ballots and the remaining 269 was sent to the voters from the headquarters.

Election officials said they were informed that some postal ballots were on the way and that the remaining 87 were expected before today morning. 

An 80-year old resident of Chamkhar said irrespective of the result, Bumthang would have a good council representative. “Both the candidates capable,” he said. 

He added that all polling stations are close to their homes and they expect a good voter turnout in Bumthang.

Another resident expects voters from other dzongkhags to arrive today. “Some are coming by air and most have voted through the facilitation booth in their dzongkhags.”

However, officials from Drukair said that no additional flight has been scheduled as of now.

Tshering Dorji | Bumthang