Nim Dorji | Trongsa

Bumthang began zoning system from yesterday.  

No Covid-19 positive case was detected in the dzongkhag in the last 24 hours.

Bumthang recorded eight Covid-19 positive cases between December 22 and  27. The dzongkhag was placed under lockdown on December 23.

Bumthang Dzongrab Tandin Dorji said that the two zones within the town would be opened and the residents can come out within the respective zones carrying the movement card for shopping.

In the gewogs, the chiwogs are divided into zones and it will be opened after assessing the risks.

Tandin Dorji, who is also the dzongkhag Covid-19 taskforce incident commander, said that since Chamkhar Throm and the nearby places are declared high-risk areas, zones will be opened after an assessment.

Today Jampel lhakhang and Kurjey zone will be opened. One member from the family will be allowed to come out for shopping within the respective zone. 

The four Covid-19 positive cases detected on December 26 in Bumthang are the wife, daughter and two family members of the Covid-19 positive case detected from Domkhar in Chumey.

Chumig Gup Jampel said that only Chungphel chiwog would be opened. One member of the family can step out for shopping.

“We urge the people to remain home unless there are emergencies and follow health protocols,” he said.

The zones of other chiwogs will be opened from tomorrow.

Likewise, in Tang, three chiwogs of the upper Tang are divided into the zones opened yesterday.

Tang Gup Ugyen Nima said that the shopkeepers were asked stock up essential items . They were also tested for Covid-19.

In Ura, the zones will be opened as per the people’s need and in Chhoekhor the three chiwogs were opened yesterday.

There are close to 90 people in the facility quarantine in Bumthang.