LG: Dorji Tshering, 27, is the first person to come forward as a candidate for the post of Dagana thrompon.

The father of two holds a BA in Business Administration from the Gaeddu College of Business Studies. He has also served as a manager in a private company.

However, to contest for the post, he gave up the managerial position and headed back to Dagana.

His family owns a hotel in Dagana town, three centres for animal feed distribution and a medium class construction company.

“Dagana is as old as me and I’ve known this place since then, and the place and people here know all about me,” he said. “My personal interest to serve the people in the throm is why I aspire to be thrompon.”

He pointed out that his family members, friends and elderly citizens in the community support his beliefs, values, ethics, and have encouraged him to contest.

While many regard the post of thrompon as a position of power and authority, Tshering said he considers it an important post that requires preparation. “I am already equipped with all the Laws as a responsible citizen. I am done with my document preparation as well,” he said.

Dorji Tshering said he aspires to be thrompon to empower people and provide a sense of ownership of the town to its people. He also wants to speed up developmental activities in Dagana town.

Dorji Tshering also wants to explore better business strategies for people in Dagana town. He sees Dagana town eventually setting an example for other towns in terms of planning, structure and business.

“Dagana thromde may not particularly need Dorji Tshering as thrompon but I am certain that my plans and manifestos are essentially important for the throm and its people,” he said.

Asked what was the most important change required, he said that Dagana thromde is a throm on paper only. He said a lot remains to be done.

Key development areas include infrastructure development, better sewage facilities, and a safe parking area.

However, Dorji Tshering is concerned about voter turnout. He said all eligible citizens must come to vote so that the best leader is chosen for an important post.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang