Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s (DNT) spokesperson and MP-elect Dr Tandi Dorji, yesterday said that the DNT could not form the government on the dissolution of the interim government as was usually done in the past because the petition period is still on.

“This year has been different from the past,” he said. “We have not been able to communicate the procedures that have taken place over the last few days because we are still in the petition period, which will go on until November 6,” he said.

Officially thanking the interim government, Dr Tandi Dorji, said everything went well during the last three months. “The chief advisor’s recommendations and request to all the secretaries to work with the government is very well taken,” he said. “The PM-elect has asked me to convey that we will be consulting with the interim government to see the reports they have submitted.”

The interim government has submitted a report to His Majesty The King. “We are very much interested to look at those reports, and consult them to see how we can improve things.”

He said the government would seek the interim government’s suggestions and carry forward the issues raised.   

“We would also like to congratulate DPT for electing the candidate from Chhoekhor Tang as the opposition leader,” Dr Tandi Dorji said. “We are very excited and grateful to be forming the government. We are also very happy to know that we are going to be working with an experienced opposition.”

He said there has been a miscommunication on the appointment of the cabinet ministers, which should have been taken place by yesterday.

The Prime Minister and the ministers will receive Dakyen from His Majesty The King on November 7, after the 10-day petition period that the election commission observes after the poll ends on November 6.

From the government side, Dr Tandi Dorji said it was decided that the dhar offering ceremony for the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Ministers and the members of parliament from the ruling party would be held on November 7.

“This is being done so for the convenience of the public, particularly those travelling from the districts beyond,” he said.

The first sitting of the parliament will take place today where the National Assembly speaker and deputy speaker would be elected. All 47 MPs will receive their scarfs in the house of parliament today.

On the finalisation of cabinet ministers, Dr Tandi Dorji said that DNT’s executive committee has discussed and drawn out a list. “The list, however, is not finalised.”

He said that the committee has taken into account many criteria in selecting the candidate such as the performance of the candidates, their capabilities, background and how they interact, among others. Regional balance, he said, is an important criterion.

“There has been a lot of speculation about our ministers in the social media but we would like to say that it has not been finalised,” he said.

The list of the cabinet ministers was expected to be finalised by October 29 or 30.“We were told that we have another week to work on it” Dr Tandi Dorji said.

He said that when DNT releases the list of cabinet ministers in the next few days, it would also provide reasons on why certain individuals have been chosen for a certain portfolio.

“We look forward to taking over the government and to comply with all the provisions that are in the Constitution, the acts, and to follow the procedures in place,” he said.

With the inauspicious month (dhana) starting from November 8, the date for the first session of the parliament is yet to be decided, he said.

Dechen Tshomo