Jigmi Wangdi

Bumthang – As the common forum for the general elections began in Chumig-Ura, Bumthang yesterday, the candidates presented their pledges in line with His Majesty The King’s address to the nation during the 116th National Day.

Bhutan Tendrel Party’s (BTP) candidate, Tshering Lhadon, based her pledges on the three points His Majesty The King shared during the address: energy, connectivity and skills.

Tshering Lhadon said that BTP will ensure the blacktopping of chiwog roads, installation of wheat processing units, formation of farmer groups, effective supply of farm machinery, and installation of rural water supply, among others.

Tshering Lhadon urged the voters to elect the right party. “You as citizens and voters have to choose the party that will benefit the country in the long run. You should not get swayed by relatives or friends to vote for a certain party.”

She said that if she is elected, she will not serve just as a member of the party, but also as a representative for women.

People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate, Sonam Rinchen, shared his pledges that would address the situation of the country and uplift its economy.

Basing his promises on His Majesty’s address as well, Sonam Rinchen said that the country is at a crossroads. “If we choose the wrong path, the chances of our country failing is extremely high.”

He told voters that the next five years would be a battle, which would either make or break the country.

“The government you choose will have to work towards fulfilling His Majesty’s vision and projects while also implementing the 13th Five-Year Plan successfully. For this, the country needs a strong and experienced government,” Sonam Rinchen said.

Around 90 percent of the participants were women at the forum held in the Gyaltsa community hall in Chumig gewog yesterday morning.

“We will not be persuaded by anyone to vote for a certain party. We will choose whoever is right for the good and future of our country,” one of the voters said.

“His Majesty’s words have inspired me. Although we could not shout our response to His Majesty at Changlingmithang stadium yesterday, I like to believe that we, as the people choosing the right government will be a small way of helping His Majesty,” a resident of Chumey said.

The common forum for the Chumig-Ura constituency ends on December 23 at Shingkhar in Ura gewog.