Thinley Namgay 

During the common forum in Gangzur-Minjey constituency, Lhuentse,  the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate, Chimi Dorji, 49, expressed confidence in PDP’s potential victory in the general election.

He said that even if PDP loses 15 seats out of 39, the party would still form the government. Chimi Dorji urged voters to choose an MP from the ruling government, emphasising the potential for better development in the constituency under PDP.

However, Bhutan Tendrel Party’s (BTP) candidate, Loday Tsheten, 48, challenged these claims.

He dismissed rumours circulating on social media about BTP remaining in the opposition, emphasising that the general election will determine which party forms the government.

Loday Tsheten underscored the importance of fair budget distribution, regardless of the party in power, urging people to choose the right candidate and party.

As the election date approaches, both candidates are committed to addressing the needs and aspirations of the people in Gangzur-Minjey Constituency.

Common issues raised by the residents include poor road conditions, insufficient irrigation waters, and human-wildlife conflict.

Common pledges from both PDP and BTP include increasing rural life insurance claims from Nu 30,000 to Nu 150,000 to address inflation, focusing on irrigation water, road development, upgrading Gangola to Lhuentse road, chain link fencing, and land management.

Additionally, candidates presented unique pledges. PDP’s Chimi Dorji promised to support house construction by reducing housing loan interest rates to four percent, provide interest-free loans to buy jersey cows, power tillers, and farm machinery.

He also prioritised homestays in the constituency to boost local income and proposed a 50 percent reduction in data charges.

BTP’s Loday Tsheten pledged to ensure quality food in schools by increasing stipends, address systemic issues facing the people, and develop Lhuentse township.

He also promised to initiate a feasibility study for a mega solar plant at Pemi under Menji Gewog.

During the common forum in Kurtoe Gewog on December 27, approximately 60 people attended.

Officials noted a low turnout, attributing it to the repetition of similar pledges from the primary round, stating: “People have already understood the pledges in the primary round.”