Neten Dorji

In a session held at Trashigang Middle Secondary School, the two candidates of the Kanglung-Samkhar-Udzorong Constituency in Trashigang presented their pledges, covering a spectrum of issues from town development, water supply, and infrastructure to youth employment, school upgrades, agriculture, and the initiation of the Gamri hydro project.

Norbu Wangchuk, the People Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate, outlined his commitments, including addressing safe drinking water supply, improving parking space, ensuring town safety from natural disasters, and upgrading the Trashigang Middle Secondary School to a higher secondary level, with two meals a day for students and free lunch for Early Childhood Care and Development.

He also emphasised promises such as identifying sports grounds, establishing a youth center, cinema hall, five hydro projects in the east, and ensuring safe drinking water supply for the town.

Addressing business challenges in Trashigang, he pledged to open an international entry and exit point in Samdrupjongkhar and upgrade the Yonphula Domestic Airport to attract 100,000 tourists annually to the east.

PDP also committed to supporting further studies and training abroad for one youth from every household.

Pema Chewang, the candidate for the Bhutan Trendrel Party (BTP), conveyed his promises through a video clip, focusing on improving the country’s economy in alignment with the party’s vision of establishing Mimang Zhabto Tewa.

He pledged to initiate the Gamri hydro project, upgrade Trashigang, Kanglung, and Rangjung towns, upgrade Kanglung hospital, construct a new road from Dinansum to Yenangbrangsa, provide reliable water irrigation in Bikhar and Kapti chiwogs, and enhance education quality.

Both candidates urged voters to prioritise a government that benefits both the nation and the people.

Despite a low turnout at the common forum, participants expressed the community’s focus on selecting capable candidates and a party that serves the nation’s interests without causing regional divisions.

The common forums are set to conclude on January 1.