Neten Dorji

Lumang– Political party candidates in Wamrong constituency, Trashigang, pledged to focus on developing energy and agriculture sectors to uplift the area during a common forum at Dungmanma Primary School yesterday.

Both candidates asserted their commitment to creating job opportunities, improving roads, and addressing water scarcity issues in the constituency.

They emphasised on changes in the functioning of the new government, with a specific focus on initiating the Jeri-Gongri Hydro Project to fulfil development activities.

Lam Dorji of the Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) shared plans for the blacktopping of chiwogs roads, installation of chain-link fencing, land management of dry land, and resolving drinking and irrigation water supply issues.

“If I am elected, we will initiate the Jeri-Gongri Hydro project for the constituency to improve the income for the family whereby people can market their products to the project,” he said.

Lam Dorji encouraged voters to select the right party and candidates, emphasising the power of voters to eliminate corruption within political parties.

Yeshey Nidup, the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate, shared pledges aimed at uplifting rural livelihoods, including interest-free loans for power tillers, farm machinery, jersey cows, and the reintroduction of farm shops to address market issues for agricultural products.

He highlighted plans for safe drinking water for every household, irrigation water for every farm, and increased rural life insurance.

Nidup urged voters to choose a government that delivers on its promises, emphasising the difference between ruling and opposition parties.

PDP pledged a monthly payment of Nu 10,000 to the third child for three years, while BTP pledged to support a child allowance of Nu 15,000 until the child turns eighteen.

Residents attending the common forum appreciated the candidates for their strong and capable presentations, without defaming each other. They raised concerns about the need for blacktopped and pliable roads despite existing farm roads.

A resident expressed scepticism about the candidates’ pledges for the Jeri-Gongri Hydro project, questioning whether it was genuinely for development or merely for garnering votes.

Another resident pointed out the importance of electing candidates who represent the people and serve the nation without resorting to voter bribery.

People do not openly discuss candidates and political parties openly.

The common forum for Wamrong constituency is scheduled to conclude on December 22 at Reserbu in Lumang gewog.