Jigmi Wangdi

The two political candidates of Nubi-Tangsibji in Trongsa campaigned in Jongthang and Karzhong chiwog yesterday.

Bhutan Tendrel Party’s candidate, Tashi Dorji pledged holistic development of the constituency. He said all chiwog roads will be blacktopped, development in agriculture and livestock, and the expansion of infrastructural development in the dzongkhag will be carried out by BTP.

“Furthermore, we will also offer transportation so that the people can receive proper medical services. We will provide three specific vehicles that will cater to you when you need to receive the services,” he said.

He said that he will develop the ring road that connects Jongthang and Karzhong.

Tashi Dorji said that BTP will also support the development of livestock and agricultural products at the local level.

“We will ensure that your farm products reach the markets fresh, through proper transportation and storage. Therefore, decreasing the chances of the products becoming spoiled when it reaches the market,” he said.

Similarly, PDP’s candidate, Phuntsho Dhendup, promised to blacktop the road from Trongsa throm to Mangdephu. He also pledged to construct the ring road.

“In addition, we will also ensure that the road will be made properly from Bjeezam to the Nubi gewog centre,” he said.

Furthermore, Phuntsho Dhendup said that PDP’s focus is to enhance the economy and develop the health, education and agriculture sectors further.

“We will also enhance the rural life insurance from Nu 30,000 to Nu 150,000,” he said, while also stating that PDP will work to increase the market for farm products.

Voters of the constituency said that it is important to vote for the capable candidate despite the relation.

“Most people need to know that voting for a person because of a relationship without looking at the candidate’s capabilities is not good for the country. We all have to vote for the most capable candidate, whatever our relation may be,” said a voter.

The live debate for the Nubi-Tangsibji constituency will be held on December 25.