Sherab Lhamo

Thimphu residents complain about the bad state of city roads.

The main road to Kuenselphodrang near Druk School, for example, has been left unpaved for more than a year, making it difficult for drivers and residents.

“The road is full of potholes, and it is very difficult to drive on,” said one resident.

The dust from the road, residents say, is affecting students of Druk School.

As construction activities continue to grow in the area, the road has become narrower, causing serious problems for the drivers.

“We have repeatedly complained to the thromde office but there is no sign of improvement,” said one resident.

Thimphu Thrompon Ugyen Dorji said that the thromde is very much aware of the problem. “We have already given the road improvement work to a contractor.”

He added that the contractor is as yet busy with the work at the vegetable market road.  “Only after the completion of that project will the work on the Kuenselphodrang road begin.”

Infrastructure and Transport Minister Dorji Tshering in an earlier interview said that the first phase of road maintenance is expected to conclude by October, adding that road maintenance works have commenced in Thimphu and will be carried out in phases across different locations.

The road to Dhendup Futsal has remained unpaved too which the nearby residents say is causing serious inconveniences, especially during monsoon.

Ugyen Dorji said: “Construction and maintenance works have been planned. Lack of budget, however, is a major problem.”

According to Thimphu Thromde Nu 293 million was spent for road and drainage works in the fiscal year of 2022-2023.