Tshewang Rinchen & Chimi Yugyel

The shops near the Centenary Farmers’ Market (CFM) in Thimphu have experienced a dip in business activities after the closure of the market.

The closure of the CFM has also led to many job losses in the past few months.

According to Wangchen, 45, the owner of Momo Corner, businesses around here have taken a severe beating.

He used to make more than Nu 40,000 per day but now it is difficult for him to make even Nu 10,000 today.

Dupthop Wangmo, who runs a footwear store, has a similar story to share. It is hard to make even Nu 300 a day these days. She has been struggling to pay her rent for the shop, which is Nu 18,000 per month.

Shop owners and vendors besides, service providers like taxi drivers are also affected by the closure of CFM.

Amber Rai, a taxi driver, said, “Before the closure of CFM happened, I used to make around Nu 1,500 a day. But after the closure, I can hardly make Nu 400.”

The closure of the market has left many supporting staff jobless.

Many shop owners and vendors say that the decision to close CFM was ill thought out and could be reversed.