Thinley Namgay 

Chencho Gyeltshen debuted for Machhindra Football Club (MFC) of Nepal in the draw against Himalayan Sherpa FC in the Martyr’s Memorial A-Division League on April 6.

He joined MFC on April 3 after a successful season with the RoundGlass Punjab FC in India’s I-League.

MFC founded in 1973 is a popular club from central Kathmandu which plays in Nepal’s A-Division League.  His contract is for a season or for two and a half months.

The 26-year-old said he signed for a Nepalese club to challenge himself as he didn’t play in the Nepal league before.  “Also, MFC  has been insisting to play for their club. Offers were also good so things clicked well between us.”

Chencho said he would give his best to achieve good results for the club.

Chencho Gyeltshen said that Bhutanese from all walks of life have been supporting him from the beginning of his football career. “I’m always grateful for that. Although we have a small population, the support I receive is always immense.”

He also said that Nepali people have also been supporting Bhutan during international games in Nepal which further motivated him.

Regarding the recently concluded I-league in India, he said the league is becoming competitive as the champion gets an opportunity to play in the Indian Super League.  RoundGlass Punjab FC will feature in the super league as a winner.

Many fans in the last I-league season poured their frustration on social media saying that Chencho didn’t get enough playtime. Chencho said that he had a decent playtime.

“When you join the team mid-season, it is hard for you to adjust and understand each player and also for the coach to trust the player,” he said.