Chheku Dukpa, the promoter of Druk Gaki Tshogpa, is confident of getting the political party registered with Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB).

The party filed documents for registration on February 9.

“We have not only fulfilled the required criteria, but have also submitted more documents than required,” Chheku Dukpa said.

ECB’s secretary, Dawa Tenzin, confirmed the filing of papers for registration.

ECB had denied registration of Druk Kuenphen Tshogpa, led by a former civil servant Jigme Dukpa last year for lack of the party’s leadership capacity and competence.

ECB said had that after due scrutiny and review in accordance with the Constitution and the electoral laws, the commission concluded that “the Druk Kuenphen Tshogpa cannot be registered as a political party as the applicant party is found neither prepared nor convincing in terms of its leadership capacity, competence and readiness to shoulder the responsibility of a registered political party.”

Chheku Dukpa said that his party left no reasons for the ECB to deny.

“We have members from all 47 candidates. It was so difficult to get members from dzongkhags like Gasa and Haa.”

He said his party has done more than other parties in terms of compliance with the electoral laws.

The party filed for registration following a convention held in January in Thimphu where Chheku Dukpa was elected as party president. About 64 party supporters attended the convention.

A civil engineer by profession, Chheku Dukpa is from Nanong, Pemagatshel.

MB Subba