Neten Dorji | Trashigang

With broken slides and no maintenance, the only children’s park in Trashigang town is in a sad state of disrepair.

Many residents welcomed the new  park two years ago. However, residents are now sceptical of the park safety measures.

A resident, Chimi Dema, said that children could get hurt from the sharp edges of the broken equipment. “The condition of the park has not improved since flood damaged it in 2018.  It should be fixed immediately.”

The park has become a gathering point for smokers.

“Such practices in front of children are unhealthy,” said Chimi Dema. “It is a good initiative to have an outdoor children’s park but the equipment need to be repaired.”

Pema Choden, a mother of two, says she did not send her children to the park.

“It is unsafe and risky,” she said.

Another resident, Tashi Gyeltshen, said: “This can be a really nice park if maintained well.”

Thromde Thuemi, Thiney Namgay, said he was aware of the situation.

Kuensel tried to contact the municipal officials.

The children’s park was constructed at a cost of Nu 2 million (M). Of that, Nu 1.5M was spent on procurement of the park’s equipment.