Recipe: For Ganache

260 grams chocolate, 70 percent, melted

600 grams heavy cream, 40 percent

90 grams honey

50 grams glucose syrup

2 grams salt

6 grams gelatin, bloomed

Combine heavy cream, honey, glucose, salt and add to cream. Warm cream and boil for one minute, stirring occasionally. The mixture should thicken slightly. Add gelatin, mix and strain over chocolate. Let the ganache sit for one minute and blend with immersion blender on low speed. Pour onto acetate-lined sheetpan and chill for two hours uncovered. When the ganache has set, score into desired shapes.

White chocolate Yogurt

White chocolate: 500 grams

Hung curd: 300 grams

Melt white chocolate and mix with hung curd using a blender.

You can use it as per your choice or plating the dessert.