YK Poudel

Chukha—As election day approaches, candidates in the Phuentsholing constituency are actively engaging with the community, reaching out to every chiwog.

The Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have distinct focuses for the betterment of the constituency.

BTP’s candidate, Maita Raj Rai, is resolute in his approach, with 19 target pledges aimed at improving public service delivery.

Recognizing Phuentsholing as the industrial and commercial capital of Bhutan, he emphasises the need for growth and development.

To enhance public services, he plans to establish Memang Zhabtog Teywa in all gewogs, each with a dedicated officer. Priority, he says, will be given to blacktopping chiwog roads and applying GSB to existing farm roads.

Maita Raj Rai also envisions boarding facilities at Lingden Primary School and Khatoeykha Primary School, equipped with ICT facilities and air conditioning.

Supporting the production of high-value cash crops, such as Miyazaki mango, is on the agenda. To address the citizens’ needs, he proposes an annual sowai zhabto for all, with allowances for senior citizens.

The BTP also pledges to address the issue of load shedding during summer with relevant agencies involved.

Acknowledging the support received during the primary round, PDP’s Rinzin Dorji talks, clear and concise of his pledges. He outlines the importance of key sectors like economy, education, health, agriculture and rural development, road infrastructure, water management, civil service, local government, employment, and public service.

At a recent forum in Wangdigatshel, he highlighted the need to enhance road connectivity and expressed the PDP’s support for a central school, leaving the decision on its location to the public and local government. 

“Quality education for our children is vital—the central school will provide wholesome education to the students in addition to support for the families who cannot afford. The plan is to have boarding facility for Pachhu school, and promote central schools again,” he said.

Health services are also a priority, with promises to provide one doctor each to Wangditse and Pachhu.

Infrastructure improvements include stone soling or base course for all farm roads and enhanced irrigation channels in all gewogs.

PDP pledges a 50 percent reduction in phone voucher and data charges, along with an 80 percent loan for the first utility vehicle or farm machinery.