Postal ballot facilitation booths (PBFB) for the upcoming National Assembly’s general election that have been operating for the last three days in different parts of country closed yesterday.

Chukha has four facilitation booths, one each in Chukha Central School, Gedu College of Business Administration, Phuntsholing MSS, and College of Science and Technology (CST), and two mobile booths at Paga and Youth Development and Rehabilitation Centre (YDRC) at Tsimasham with 12, 678 registered voters for PBFB.

PBFB at Chukha Central School saw 587 male and 817 female, and 14 male voted at Paga Mobile booth and 2 male at YDRC Mobile booth. The voter turnout at Gedu College was 1,205 male and 1,236 female.

In Phuntsholing, a total of 6,547 cast their votes through PBFB out of which 2,291 male and 2,646 female voted at Phuntsholing MSS facilitation booth and 952 male and 658 female at CST facilitation booth.

The total voter turnout for the PBFB in general election in the dzongkhag was 10,392, of which 4,464 are male and 5357 female.

Of the total registered voters, 2,286 did not turn out to cast their votes in the last three days of PBFB service.

In the primary round, there were 12,651 registered voters of which 6,192 were male and 6,459 were female. Of the total registered voters, 4,808 male and 5,154 female voters cast their vote.

During the primary round election, 110,538 postal ballot packages from the total 133,795 registered postal voters were received by the returning officer.

Nim Dorji | Phuntsholing