Gyalpoizhing Central School’s (GCS) management handed over the school’s lower campus to the College of Information and Technology.

This move has led to shortage of hostel facility, classrooms and other infrastructure in the school.

The school handed over the girl’s hostel, science laboratory, library, principal’s office, multipurpose hall, classrooms, and other structures to the college early this year.

As of now, the school has turned some of its classrooms to science laboratory and library.

About 180 girls and 80 boys share beds.

Since the school has a shortage of classrooms, about 449 students from pre-primary to Class VI study in Kurichu Primary School.

Gyalpoizhing Higher Secondary School was converted to a central school in 2016. The locals say that this benefitted students from eight gewogs of Saling, Tsamang, Kengkhar, Jurmi, Silambi, Gongdue, Tsakaling and Drepong gewogs.

The school’s officiating principal, Sangay Wangpo, said the school is with managing the limited facility.

The school’s vice principal, Pema Tshewang, said that for Class 10 and Class 12 students, laboratory for physics and biology was set up in a classroom.

“These facilities were actually set up on the campus that was handed over to the college,” he said.

A Class 10 student, Kinga Tshomo, said that because the beds are so packed, students do not have enough space to wear clothes, walk and to clean rooms. “We do not have a conducive environment to study.”

The school has turned some of its classrooms to science laboratory and library

Pema Deki, the matron, said that girls’ toilet also needs repair as the shutters, windows and bathrooms are not in good condition.

Mongar’s education Officer, Lham Dorji, said that by 2019, the Gyelpoishing’s school campus one has to be handed over to college. “We phased out Class 11 this year and sent students to Yadi Central School, Drametse, Mongar High School and Kedeykhar Central School.”

He said that schools like Nagor has been upgraded from lower to higher secondary school. Lingmethang Primary School has been upgraded to a lower secondary school.

He also said that the Kurichu Primary School will be middle secondary school in coming years. Construction is ongoing for a 12-unit classrooms, offices, library room, and two toilets.

Lham Dorji said that the once the college is fully established, Gyelpoishing Central School will be downgraded.

Local residents are, however, not happy with the news. Downgrading the school will affect their children.

“The central school has benefitted many gewogs in the locality and students will be affected if it is downgraded,” a town resident said.

Tashi Phuntsho |  Gyalpoizhing


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