DANTAK chief engineer claims he was misquoted and misinterpreted 

Signage: The issue about the project DANTAK signboard in Bondey, Paro, which welcomes visitors to Bhutan, according to DANTAK chief engineer PKG Mishra, was discussed with the works and human settlement minister right after receiving the letter from the ministry.

“During the discussion with the minister, it emerged that the government is working to frame a policy on having uniform road signboards which will be placed alongside the roads,” he said. When the uniform signboard is finalised, it will be applicable to the roads maintained by DANTAK also.”

Chief engineer PKG Mishra also said that the issue was again discussed with Lyonpo Dorji Choden along with other issues on February 8, a few days after speaking to Kuensel and he assured that DANTAK would adhere with the policy.

In the written response sent to Kuensel, the chief engineer also said that since the matter had been discussed with Lyonpo Dorji Choden, responding to the letter from the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement (MoWHS) was insignificant. “Similarly since the matter is already under consideration at an appropriate level, the requirement to do such a story should be reviewed,” he said.

Claiming he was misquoted because of an incorrect interpretation, the chief engineer also said it was highlighted in a manner as if project DANTAK has been disrespectful to MoWHS as well as the concerns of the people. “I would like to reassure our commitment towards the cause and concern of the people of Bhutan,” brigadier PKG Mishra said.

He also said that DANTAK has amended the text on some of the boards that people raised objections on.

Lyonpo Dorji Choden said that she had notified the chief engineer about the implementation of the uniform road signboards policy, which will be finalised soon. “The Bhutan Standards Bureau (BSB) and Department of Roads (DoR) have been working on it. It is almost finalised,” Lyonpo said. “Once BSB finalises it, DoR will implement it uniformly.”

The team working on the uniform road signs and symbols is called the technical committee for graphical symbols and the policy is in the final draft.

The DoR’s deputy executive engineer of the road maintenance management section, Dorji Tshering, who is leading the technical team, said the policy will be ready in a week’s time. “We have been working on this for the last six to seven months,” he said. “This upcoming BSB standards on road safety symbols and signs should take care of all the concerns, as it will address the contents and location of the signboards.”

He also said the new policy will have Bhutanese standard signs and symbols.

Tashi Dema