The Royal Civil Service Commission in collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic launched a competency-based framework for public service programme yesterday in Thimphu.

The competency framework aims to guide government agencies to identify skills need of employees, assist continuous development and professionalisation of civil servants to deliver responsibilities effectively and enhance efficiency.

The framework is aimed at building capabilities of the civil servants

The framework is aimed at building capabilities of the civil servants

The framework was developed a decade ago and is widely used in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

The competency framework also aims at building capabilities of the civil servants to enhance professionalism, growth and development in civil service organisation to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the service delivery.

The programme was supported by Temasak Foundation International, a Singapore-based non-profit organisation that funds and supports programmes that aim to build capabilities in communities in Asia and beyond.

Deputy Principal with Singapore Polytechnic Hee Joh Liang said the framework powerfully defined qualities required of civil servants. “Civil servants will have clear goals and performance indicators to work towards Bhutan’s public service strategy and service delivery.”

He said the framework would provide a structured way of incorporating the values, capabilities, and competency in a systematic way. This would help civil servants incorporate all those competencies to know what civil servants can do to improve themselves and as a whole for the government initiatives, according to Hee Joh Liang.

The framework is expected to define the skills, capabilities, experiences, values and knowledge needed in the country’s public service sector.

“Through the framework, the civil service in Bhutan will have greater clarity on the skills and mindsets to perform their roles. This will motivate them to own and drive their development. Since the step ahead are more transparent they will be empowered to become leaders themselves,” said Hee Joh Liang.

RCSC’s Chairperson, Dasho Karma Tshiteem said the effort on the framework would be critical for taking the civil service from good to great.

“Everything that we do in human resource development, human resource management, and human resource planning starts with that cleaner knowledge of competency that we require,” Dasho Karma Tshiteem said.

About 120 public service officers were involved in the Competency-based Framework and Approach training. Some 50 officers will receive further training and acquire skills and knowledge to apply Competency-based Framework and Approach.

“The Civil Service Act of Bhutan 2010 mandates the Royal Civil Service Commission to build and maintain capacity and competency in the civil service. To fulfill this mandate, a significant amount of fund has been committed in the HR development areas in every Five Year Plan. The training needs are not necessarily assessed and structured on the competency needs of the organisations,” a press release from RCSC states.

The launch of the competency framework for public service programme was the second collaboration Temasak Foundation International funded after it supported the launch of Design Thinking guidebook in June last year.



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