Dechen Dolkar

The defamation case against Kanglung gup-elect Kinzing was withdrawn by the complainant on December 5.

The Trashigang police said that both the parties were called for further investigation on December 5.

The police said that during the process of investigation, both parties came to a mutual compromise.

The police said that there was a misunderstanding between the two parties and both the parties presented audio recordings as proof to support their own claims.

The complainant and a resident of Kanglung, Karma Tenzin, 63, said that others, six of whom were accused by the gup-elect, didn’t support him after the case was registered with the police despite the initial commitments to do so.

“Now it is only me fighting this case. Since we all live in the same village, it will be only me who will be a black sheep. So I decided to withdraw the case,” he said.

“However, all the allegations that I made about the gup-elect is true,” he said.

Karma Tenzin alleged that the gup procured private land for the community near the lhakhang from the gewog development grant of Nu 2M without approval from the dzongkhag administration.

He also claimed that the gup collected Nu 800 from every household to pay for the land, as the land and a one-storied house cost Nu 3M. “The gewog collects taxes from shopkeepers during the bi-annual Yonphu tshechu, but the gup is not declaring any accounts.”

The gup-elect Kinzang Dorji said that the Karma Tenzin also leveled accusations at him before the LG elections.

“I also have evidence. I responded to his accusation after the elections,” the gup-elect said.

The gup-elect said that he has said to the Kama Tenzin he may take the case up for further investigation. “I am ready to prove my innocence.”

Karma Tenzin filed the defamation case against Gup Kinzang Dorji and the police registered the case on December 29 of last year.