Infrastructure: People in Gelephu will not be bothered by the swelling of the Sethikhari stream this summer.

This is because the dredging of floodway and construction of gabion walls at the Sethikhari flood site is expected to begin next week.

The site engineer of Gelephu dungkhag, Kinley, said the works are expected to be completed before the onset of monsoon.

Every summer, floods occur at Sethikhari and last year’s flood damaged the road and bridge in the area.

The government provided Nu 30M for the construction of gabion walls and to dredge 1,800 metres of flood way.

The people living near the flood site are, however, skeptical of the work being completed on time.

Residents said while they are happy that the government took their concerns seriously, they are worried since the work has not begun yet.

A resident said that if the work is not completed before the monsoon, it will be a waste of government budget, as the monsoon will destroy everything.

Gelephu Gup Ugyen Wangchuk said that since the tender was awarded, work will be completed on time. “The work is awarded in six packages and many contractors will work on it.”

Engineer Kinley also said that the tenders were awarded with terms and conditions in place and if contractors do not complete their work on time, penalties will be imposed.

Yeshey Dema | Gelephu