Sherab Lhamo

The construction of the bridge along the Gyalpoizhing-Nganglam Highway will commence on February 26, 2024, bringing relief to commuters.

The Department of Surface Transport, Director General, Tenzin, said that the bridge, comprising steel modular structure, can support up to 50 metric tonnes (MT) weight and is expected to be completed by March 26, 2024.

With a total cost of approximately Nu 46 million, materials for the reconstruction arrived at the site a week prior, and on February 18, 2024, a ceremonial ritual conducted by Lam Neten marked the commencement of construction at Gongrizomsa.

The bridge construction will involve both international and Bhutanese experts.

Commuters along the eastern highway have faced inconvenience since the bridge collapsed for the second time in June last year, resulting in two fatalities.

Although the exact cause remains unclear, experts attributed factors such as load capacity and the quality of bridge parts.