Phub Dem | Paro

Paro’s vegetable shed which remains crowded even during weekdays is an eyesore to both residents and visitors alike.

The place is dusty and some vendors sell their goods under tarpaulin sheets.

A vendor, Lhamo Drukpa said that without a proper marketplace, the vegetables dry up easily and become unfit for sale incurring loss. She said that the place was filled with dust and it was difficult to maintain proper hygiene.

“Especially during monsoon, the marketplace is a puddle pool. It is a struggle.”

Another vendor Lhakpa said that he had to spend hours in the morning to clean his area. He said that fresh vegetables become dusty quickly.

The issue was also discussed in Paro dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) recently.

Paro dzongdag Tenzin Thinley during DT said that the marketplace was untidy and not attractive, given that the town is a tourist hub.

The dzongkhag allocated Nu 7.5milion for this year to build a new vegetable market place.

He said that although dzongkhag discussed building a three-storey farmers’ market, the budget exceeded the 12th Plan’s allocation and the existing area did not have enough space.

The dzongkhag administration is planning to build a two-storey farmers’ market.

“The dzongkhag administration is working on the budget required for the construction. We are ready to award the work to contractors after budgeting.”

The existing vegetable market will be temporarily shifted to dzongkhag archery ground at Tshongdue.

In the meantime, vendors occupying sheltered plots have to pay Nu 1,500 per plot monthly and those in open space pay Nu 700 monthly for weekend sales.

Lhakpa said that during weekdays, the vendors have to pay Nu 10 per plot for the sweepers.