Dechen Dolkar

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has claimed that they are ready to revive the “ailing economy of the country” if they are elected, party leaders said during the recent party convention on October 14.

The party’s leaders talked about key issues of the economy and the mass exodus, among others, and proposed possible solutions to tackle them.

More than 5,000 people attended the party convention.

PDP President, Dasho Tshering Tobgay said that his party can revive the economy since “the country is currently facing an economic crisis”.

The president said that during the three-month public consultation, he covered 41 constituencies and 175 gewogs.

He said that during the consultation meetings, people told him that they faced lots of difficulties in the past five years.  “The farmers said that they did not get developmental activities and services in the village,” the president said.

“They expressed their wish that if PDP could return to power,” the president said.

The Party President also said that the businessmen have been complaining that their businesses are not doing well due to many policies and civil servants are dissatisfied with the policy framework.

“The economy is not doing well; people are not able to get loans. Many youths are leaving the country due to limited employment opportunities and civil servants are departing because of low salaries and bureaucratic issues,” the President said.

The president said that the country needs to retain its people and prevent them from leaving by providing economic and employment opportunities at par with developed countries.

“People should know that which party can recover the economy and make the right choice,” he said.

The president said that they are prepared with the policy plans on how and from where the country can generate income. The party is ready to provide community development activities and services for villagers and business opportunities for business people. “We are also ready to boost the tourism in the country. But people should give us the opportunity.”

The President said that during the first government term, the non-hydro debt was at Nu 41B, during the second government term the debt was reduced to Nu 38B. In the current government, the debt has reached Nu 108B.

PDP’s vice president Dasho Dorji Choden said that people are talking about how helicopter and pickup boleros have benefited them. “Our pledges are achievable and we can fulfil them.”

The candidate from Bartsham-Shongphu, Kinzang Wangdi said that the country’s economy is at a critical stage.  “If we were to compare it to a patient, our economy has reached the ICU.”

He said that the PDP has five strategies to address the economic crisis if they are elected.

During the convention, all 47 candidates were officially awarded the party’s tickets to contest in the upcoming elections.

“The convention is where ideas converge, unity flourishes, and the path to a brighter future takes shape,” said Kuenga Tashi, Secretary General. “Therefore, hosting the convention is of utmost importance. The turn-out indicates how strong we are as a party.”

The party has around 5,500 registered members.