Chukha dzongkhag court sentenced a 47-year old inmate to another three years and six months for illegal possession of unauthorised weapon and magazines on July 3.

The inmate, Karma, 47, from Talo in Punakha, was serving a 15-year imprisonment sentence for ‘Ku Sung Thukten’ case.

His sentencing was supposed to complete on October 17 next year.

However, he will now have to serve another three years and six months as a consecutive sentence after his first prison term completes.

According to the judgment, Karma was in possession of an unauthorised weapon in his home since 2004.

Police seized a 303 SLR rifle on September 3 last year when Karma’s 15-year old son and his friend were caught playing with live bullets in Khuruthang.

Police, while searching his home, found the rifle with 206 live magazines and 31 empty cast and five missed-fire ammunitions.

Karma confessed to court that he did not have a license to possess the weapon and the bullets.

The judgment stated that he was charged for violating section 481 of the Penal Code of Bhutan.

Section 481 states that the offence of illegal possession of a firearm, ammunition, explosive, or other lethal weapons shall be a felony of the fourth degree with prison term ranging from three years to five years.

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) had to charge the man in Chukha court, as the convict is currently working as a painting instructor at Tsimasham Youth Rehabilitation Centre.

Tashi Tenzin