Nim Dorji  | Trongsa

A 21-year-old man from Dhur village of Chhoekhor gewog, Bumthang who went to collect cordyceps died while returning home yesterday.

The man, a 2019 class 12 graduate, was waiting to pursue his higher studies.  This was his first time collecting cordyceps.

He had a headache and his friends dropped him to an army camp at Tsampa on May 26 and returned to their collection sites.

After his health deteriorated, with the help of the army, the dzongkhag administration was informed and he was waiting to be airlifted. However, due to bad weather, it failed.

According to the police he died at the place called Zampa Sumpa on his way home. The army personnel helped to bring his body and hand over to the relatives.

It was learnt that one man has returned home due to headache, however, the gewog didn’t receive any reports of anyone returning. Sources said some turned back due to poor harvest at the collection site.

It was learnt that the collectors of Chhoekhor did not reach the main site known as Gangchungna. The collectors are at Lamthrang. They have to again walk two days to reach the main collection site.